Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Aeroplane Day

The whole school had a fantastic day travelling around the world in an aeroplane. Find out more about the countries we visited and what we got up to!


  1. I made a dragon and tried Chinese food. They were yummy and tasted like crisps I had a go at Chinese skipping, there was lots of jumping and it was fun!

  2. I made diya lamps. We used clay. We put beads on them. Then I went to China and I did dressing up. I had something to eat with paper in in and prawn crackers. I did skipping. When I went to Holland they showed me ice skates and a big round cheese with yellow on. We tasted some cookie things.
    By Spencer

  3. Subha was from India we cooked real Indian food it was rice and kebabs and popadoms. I went to China I had to make a Chinese dragon. In Holland we pretended to ice skate.
    By Isla