Monday, 11 February 2013

Chinese New Year Carousel

We have spent the day celebrating Chinese New Year. We ended the day by joining each other in the hall to talk about what we have been doing.
There were 3 groups.
"We made little booklets about the zodiac animals, there is an animal for each year. The story is about a river race which tells us the order of the animals." Ebony and Ollie
"Each animal has a personality, the monkey is very clever and loves a challenge. They can wriggle out of a situation. The goats are artistic and good natured, they prefer to avoid arguments and people can ask them for help. The horse is hard working and very intelligent and can work on several projects at once." Tia
In cooking we made chicken chow mein , we had to cook the plain noodles. It had spices in it and the onions made us cry. Tia
"We made chow fan, it was rice and chicken and crispy noodles." Elizabeth

"First we used a packet of batter mix and mixed it with the pineapple juice and some water, we mixed it up and added the rest. Then we put the pineapple rings in the batter and deep fried them. Then we put sugar on them and golden syrup." Thomas and Leah

"In the third group we made lanterns we got a sheet of red card and some gold strips along the top and bottom. We folded the card in half and cut strips up to the gold edge. Then we decorated it with black felt tip and then we made a cylinder shape and stapled it together." Nelson and Ollie

"There was man named Tan and his favourite possession was a ceramic tile, he was so proud of it that he went to show the emperor, on the way he dropped it and it crashed into pieces, he tried to put it back together but he couldn't but he made many different patterns with it. They are called tan grams." Lily

At the end of the day we were all given a Chinese lollipop to take home.