Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Whole school trip to Thornham

This week is activity week and today we are visiting Thornham Walks to make rockets!
We went on a coach.
When we got there we split into two groups. The older children worked with John and went off to make rockets. The younger children worked with the lady and went on a tree trail. We had to answer questions about each tree.

We found out lots of interesting things. A big oak tree was over 800 years old. Lime trees have special bark inside which is used for weaving into mats, rope or string.
We spotted a silver birch tree, easily recognised by its silvery, papery bark.

We found out about The Green Man

We think we discovered the 3 Bears cottage!

We found some chicken of the wood fungi growing on a yew tree.
We moved through the woods to the den building area.

We had so much fun inside the den.
After a quick lunch in the park we changed groups.
The younger children took their turn at rocket making.

We had to fold the fins and decorate them.
We made a very big nose cone.

When we had finished making them we took them outside and filled them with rocket fuel!
Then it was time to launch the rockets...
We had so much fun, the rockets went really, really high!
We were all tired out at the end of the day.

Talent Show 2013

Today we are continuing with our activity week fun by holding a talent show. Everyone is taking part. Thomas and Tia have organised the event. First up, a comedy routine.
They are singing "Ready or not"! 

She is dancing and singing "Wings" by Little Mix. 

They are singing "Just give me a reason" by Pink.

Moving on to class 1, girls singing and dancing to "Firework" by Katy Perry.

A "making" master class!

 "I think that's enough Sellotape!"

Up next reception, singing "Jolly Phonics" songs!

Now we have the Indestructibles! They are singing and dancing!

All of the acts have performed, it's time for the judges to make their decisions! 
Announcing the winners! 

 The judges have decided that everybody who took part will get a lucky dip!

 The winners for class 2 were Leah and Amy, and the winners for class 1 were the reception group, Elizabeth, Eden, Spencer and Isla!