Monday, 14 October 2013

We walked to the church.

This afternoon we walked to the church.

Nelson spotted a gargoyle.

Eden saw the organ.
Mrs Fletcher pointed out the different parts of the church. Mrs Lee also helped us look around the church. We think the church pews are around 500 years old. Henry Tudor changed churches to be Protestant churches. 
We looked at the tympanum.
We remembered how the church used to have a rood screen but it was taken away a long time ago. 
Then we split into class groups. Class 1 took a good look at the special parts of the church. We found the altar.
We sat on the pews. 
Aiden told us about stained glass windows
We found the lectern and Bible. We saw the candle holders.

We found the pulpit. 


Elizabeth told us that her brother was christened at this font.

What is usually found in the font?

We think we spotted some sleeping bats on the ceiling...

Before we left Mrs fletcher showed us some special items. The silver cup is 400 years old.
The silver plate is called a paten, it is used for the bread.

There is a smaller chalice and paten which could be taken to people who are too ill to travel to church.

There is a mini font which can be used in the same way.

We would like to say thank you to all the helpers who came with us today.

Some things to think about:
1. What is a gargoyle?
2. Why do we need candles in this church?
3. The organ has to be pumped with something to make it work, what is it?
4. What is usually found in the font?
5. What do we put in the special silver cup? What is the name given to this silver cup?
6. What was used to pour the Holy Water over the baby's head in the font?
Get blogging if you think you can answer these questions!


  1. 1. A gargoyle is a fiter it dust scwert water.

  2. 1.What is gargoyle?
    2.Why do we need candles in this church?

  3. 1. What is a gargoyle? It is a has water in it

  4. 2. We need. Candles because there is no electricity.

  5. Ollie said that the Maths Cafe was very exciting.

  6. Ollie said that the Maths Cafe was very exciting.